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27 questions to indian authorities:

Who raided and captured states of Juna Garh and Hyderabad at the time of partition.

who raided Kashmir with covert operation in 1947.

Who accepted the U.N resolution of january 1948.

who promised Kashmiries the right of self determination.

who supported the separation of East Pakistan.

Who took over Sikim and Bhutan.

who is responsible in destroying situation in Siri Lanka.

Who is responsible for killing innocent Sikhs in "Golden Temple" of Amritsar.

Who is responsible for killing 35 sikhs in kashmir during the clinton,s visit to asia {march 2000}.

who is responsible for demolishing Babri Mosque in India.

who is responsible for burning the Shrine of Charar-I-Sharif in Kashmir.

Who is responsible for disrespect the Holy place of Hazrat-Bal in Sirinagar .

Who has disputes with his all neighboring countries.

Who rejected the recent offer of cease fire from Hizbul mujahidine.

who occupied Siachin Glacier in the first place.

who is killing innocent Christian all over India.

who kidnaped foreigner turist in Kashmir..

who killed innocent women,men,young and childern alongside border at Sammani in Azad Kashmir.

who killed innocent families member at Nikyal boarder in Azad Kashmir.

who is tested Nuclear device,why and against who...

why India could not win heart of single Kashmiri since 1947.

who is trying to build Dam on river Jehlum near Uri.

who is building Dam on Neelum river in Gurez valley.

who is uprooting ,destroying the homeland of Dar civilization in Gurez valley.

Who is destroying archaeological discoveries of Kharoshthi, Brahmi, Hebrew, Tibtean, Buddhism,and Dawar the ancient capital of Dards and ruins of Sharda university which are preserved since centuries alongside of Neelum River {Kishanganga}.

who is destroying the whole environment of the Kashmir by cutting forests.polluting lakes and rivers eroding soil by building Dams which have severe effect on the entire paradise valley of Jammu & Kashmir.

Yes of course the culprit is India,who has no justified answer to my questions,but India knows the fact cannot win the Kashmiri hurts, for the reasons slaughtering human beings and destroying its enviroment. It is the time for India to think last time, To Leave Kashmir along with his 6000,000 warriors who really caused problem in Kashmir, Otherwise there will be no Kashmir but India will have republics of Khalistan,Assam,Uterpardesh,Madras, Bihar, Sikim, Manipur, Tripura, Arunchal Pardesh, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland twelve new countries in India.