Brief Chronicle History Of Jammu andKashmir.

1st century AD:-

It is said that Kashmir was Lake and was drained by some Ghostly named Called Kyshup Rashi and after was inhabited by Hindu Brahmins.

2nd Century AD:-

Buddhism was introduced by Ashokamissionaries.

3rd Century AD:-

Hinduism continued to be the dominant religion and later

KARKOTA dyne sty ruled Kashmir up till 855 A.D.

855 to 1003 AD:-

Karkota rulers were replaced by UTPLAS...TANTRINS...YASKARA and then by Prava Gupta followed by his widow DIdda up till 1003 A.D.

1003 TO 1346 AD:-

Lahora dynasty ruled Jammu & Kashmir up till last Hindu king Udiana Dev who was replaced by Shams-u-Din.

1346 TO 1586 AD:-

This period was ruled Shams-u-Din and his family up to 1586 A.D.

1586 TO 1757 AD:-

This period was ruled Mughals.

1757 TO 1819 AD:-

This period was ruled by Afghanis.

1819 TO 1846 AD:-

Ruled by Sikhs. British defeated the Pertap Singh the last Sikh ruler and on 16th March 1846 AD sold Jammu and Kashmir to Maharaja Ghulab Singh of Jammu for RS: 7.5 million under the most disgrace full and immodest "treaty Of Amritsar. Ghulab singh died 1857 A.D.

1857 to 1885 AD:-

Partap Sigh ruled up till 1925.

1925 TO 1949 AD:-

Maharaja Heri Singh the nephew of Partap Singh ruled the Jammu and Kashmir up to 1949. Heri singh on 16th March 1947 signed accession instrument with India and became Sader-i-Riaset