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River Raffting in Lider River Pahalgam

This Website is Dedicated to :-

1:- Those 250,000 kashmiries who gave their lives for their homeland "Free Kashmir".

2:- Those Kashmiri women who were tortured abducted, raped and killed by "Indian Army Vigilantes".

3:- Those Kashmiri Pundits who were forced by the "Indian Made Freedom Fighters" to leave their Home land to live in Exile.

4:- Those Kashmiri Sikhs who were brutally murdered by the "Indian Army Made Freedom Fighters" to set the blame on Kashmiri Freedom Fighters

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The world beyond.

Her spirit of reformation inevitably spread into language; she disdained the priestly Sanskrit and gave the tongue of the people, Kashmiri, a new dimension: thirty per cent of Kashmiri proverbs and idioms are said to owe their origins to Lal Dedís Vakyas. Her own life was a splendid example of purity and passion, and the people absorbed this revolt against the intermediaries like priests and intermediates like idols. Her answer was love, service, the unity of man, the discipline of yoga, the intoxication of faith and the rejection of barriers in the name of religion.

Rohani Docter in Kashmir { Thuk Pir. }
Along with my dear abdul Waheed as Thukpir's Advertising Manager.
Rohani Docter/Pir while Reciting Kashmiri Naatia Kalam.

She sang:
Shiv chuy thali thali rozan; Mo zan Hindu La Musalman. Truk ay chuk pan panun parzanav; Soy chay Sahibas sati zaniy zan.

(God/Shiva lives everywhere; do not divide Hindu from Muslim. Use your sense to recognize yourself; that is the true way to find God.) This synthesis of mystical Shaivism and Islamic Sufism went straight to the hearts of the masses: she became Lalla Arifa for the Muslims and Lalleshwari for the Hindus.

peer panchal lake.

The poet did not quibble:

Agar firdaus bar ru-e zamin ast Hami ast o-hami ast o-hami ast. "

Kashmir is a garden of eternal spring or an iron fort to a palace of kings; a delightful flower bed, and a heart-expanding heritage for dervishes. Perhaps nature had to place a purdah around something so beautiful. Pandit Kalhana, the first great historian of Kashmir, adds another dimension to the concept: The country may be conquered by the force of spiritual merit, but not by the force of soldiers.

muzaffarabad city.

muzaffarabad by night view.

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